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Wouldn’t be easier to get people to buy vehicles that run on natural gas than electric or hybird vehicles?

I believe the average difference between a regular vehicle and a hybird of the same type is between $10,000 & $15,000. Don’t you think they could build a vehicle that runs on natural gas for a lot less than that?

Asked by:DONALD T


  1. Reality has a Liberal Bias says:

    Yes, and you can retrofit your car to run on natural gas. It’s still a fossil fuel, however, so you haven’t done much to help the Climate Change problem.

  2. oceandude says:

    yes, propane and alcohol are the two most ecofriendly. propane is clean burning, but non renuable. alcohol on the other hand burns clean is renuable and is very efficiant. trouble is , rednecks and fratboys would be getting 200 proof (100% alcohol) outof the pumps.

  3. wildfire child says:

    indeed there are many vehicles that run on natural gas/alcohol/sun/electricity/wind/man power etc etc etc…but HEY, it doesn’t make lots of money for the all powerful oil companies, so it’s OUT, HOT SHOT. But…Things are getting to a point where we need to make a change, or else…and those changes are happening all around us, all the time! Many many exciting ways and means, and opportunities to be creative and think outside the box are being presented to us!! EXCITING Stuff!

  4. water_skipper says:

    Yeah, but why would you want to? If you really want to be green, save lots of money, and be healthier and happier, try using nonmotorized transportation.

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