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Electric Conversion Vehicles Federal Tax Break?

I would like to know if anyone knows if there is any federal or state legislatures that gives incentive through grants or any other form of assitance to people who are considering converting their vehicle to Electric from Gasoline/Diesel.

I …

Who do I contact with an idea that would continuously keep an electric vehicles batteries recharged?

I’m sure I have developed a system that would increase mileage travelled between charges by at least 90%. Need to find someone who has the resourse to build a prototype, or a company who is willing to develope the concept.…

I have some questions on Electric Vehicle Conversions?

(1) Can a conversion be done with an automatic transmission vehicle? If so, How?

(2) What do all the components do? How do they work?

(3) Can it be done with a pickup/SUV without compromising the integrity of the vehicle …

Where can can I find more info about electric vehicle drive systems and power conversion?

I would like a better understanding about how these systems work and are integrated into a vehicle

Asked by:colleen b

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