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If I converted an old Honda into an electric car, how exactly do I register it legally with the DMV?

I live in California and I created my own electric conversion vehicle. How do I register it legally with the California DMV? I tried looking through their site but either they don’t have instructions for me, or it’s too confusing/evasive for me to find. Last I heard, there were also extra steps I had to take to prepare my vehicle for inspection (although I have no idea from who, or where), and that only a 100 vehicles will be granted registration, on January 1st of every year. That sounds a little extreme to me.

I’m good with mechanics, but not good with applications/ paperwork/ legal issues at all. Help! I want to be able to drive my car on the streets.

Does anyone know anything that might be useful? Point me in the right direction? I know I could go to the local DMV, but I don’t even know who to ask there.

Asked by:elainelm


  1. Blues Lovin' Daddy says:

    It could be that you don’t have to do anything.
    Someone can change a Honda into an electric OSCAR MEYER WEINER mobile, but the title will still say 1995 Honda Accord. You are not changing the chassis, brakes, glass, seatbelts, cutting the roof off, nor lessening the safety, etc.
    You are not building an electric car from scratch.
    If you changed gasoline engines, you wouldn’t have to ‘register’ anything.
    Your insurance company might like to know about the Reduced power and top speed, weight of car.

    I personally know the head of one DMV office in Ohio, but that wouldn’t help you, sorry.

  2. Panda says:

    nice i want one too

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