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Where can I find an electric vehicle for low cost?

Our family is interested in electric mobility. My brother wants an electric scooter. My mom wants an electric or hybrid golf cart or car like vehicle that would be street legal. Something she doesn’t need a license for since she’d disabled she doesn’t have one. But she still wants to be able to get more groceries than she can carry or push in a wagon. I’m wanting a scooter too so I can get to the library and the park.
How can we find stuff like this for low cost or are there even kits or plans that you can build something like this?

Asked by:Kittara


  1. Anirudh says:

    In delhi india there is a showroom of YO bikes where good electric scooters are available the cost is from 40$ to 50$

  2. Arifulla Khan says:

    i think you are not from India, if you can tell which place you are from it would be easy to answer your question

  3. martin m says:

    ridding lawn mower . i know a man with same delema . has a small trailer goes everywhere . not electric but dose the job . pep boys has some elec. stuff .you can put a swivel hitch on 2 wheel.

  4. Baggy says:

    Well, if you don’t have a license, you can’t drive on the road. As for finding a relatively cheap electric car, best bet is eBay, but do some homework on whatever you look at.

  5. apeweek says:

    Yes, there are cheap electric cars. An interesting one is the ZAP, which is only $10,000. It has a top speed of 40mph:
    Consider also an ‘NEV’, which stands for ‘neighborhood electric vehicle.’ These cars top out at 25mph. There are a couple here for very reasonable prices:
    If you want a more normal car that can do freeway speeds, you could try a conversion. These are gas cars which have been inexpensively converted to electric. More details here:
    Best of luck!

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