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E V PARTS for a conversion vehicle i have just purchased. looking for help?

electric vehicle parts, i am looking for any ev parts i can find. i have purchased an escort with a 5spd and now i have little funds for parts.
anyone willing to assist me???? i would greatly appreciate the help. …

Electric car Conversion?

Hypothetically, if I decided to convert my already gas-friendly Civic into a completely electric powered vehicle, what type of Powertrain/batteries/electric motor/charge mechanism, etc. would I need to make the conversion? And what would be a rough cost of the parts …

how long is it before you decide to stop paying gas prices and buy a hybrid all electric vehicle?

or do you plan on building an electric vehicle?

Asked by:jc

Electric vehicle conversions?

Any recommendations for reasonably priced conversions of cars/trucks to electric in So. CA area?

Asked by:Seeker

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