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I am looking to build a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle). All the kits I looked at are over $1500?

I have a 1500 dollar limit, and all the kits i looked at are over my limit.

Asked by:Luke

What is the optima yellow top amp hour rating?

I’m planning a 144v DC electric vehicle conversion. I’m looking for a decent sealed lead acid or agm battery. I have heard about optima yellow tops but I can’t seem to find out the a/hr rating on them.

The web …

Will “Who Killed The Electric Car” be repeated in London, Mexico City, Milan and India’s electric vehicles?

According to one electric vehicle builder, the electric vehicle “cottage industry” is allegedly being “killed” by some bad battery chargers and other other components:


To me, this explains perhaps why people can’t even easily build their own homebuilt EV’s. …

Is there a guide to creating small electric vehicles?

I’d like to create build a small simple Remote Controlled car that could move at a max speed of 10 MPH and hold up to 30 LBS

Asked by:chaotic_visionz

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