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How does one run an AC motor in reverse?

I am thinking about an electric vehicle conversion. I want to remove the transmission, as the rotation of the motor is enough. Here comes the problem though: how do I reverse? It will be a variable frequency drive, and I …

electric vehicle?

i am going to sell my 95 mustang gt rag top for an ev, what is the better car or where can i get a listing of electric vehicle conversions for sale.

Asked by:websterbackhoe

what can I use to awuire a large electric motor (dryer, washer, or other)?

Im trying to build an electric vehicle but I need a drive motor. Can Anyone suggest a regular item that I can use to aquire one?
Please Im not nuts I just thought it might be a fun project.

Asked …

EV Electric Vehicle Conversion?

Where can I go to get RACING (high horsepower and Torque) electric motors, and controllers?

- NOTE: Dont tell me Golf Car places. I only want to hear from people who have actually converted their cars.

Asked by:The Movie God…

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