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Who do I contact with an idea that would continuously keep an electric vehicles batteries recharged?

I’m sure I have developed a system that would increase mileage travelled between charges by at least 90%. Need to find someone who has the resourse to build a prototype, or a company who is willing to develope the concept.

Asked by:moosee


  1. topgalant says:

    Gee, it’s the old “Perpetual Motion” argument again… IT CAN’T BE DONE…

  2. crazz_32 says:

    First thing to do is to contact a lawyer and patent the idea. Then, just sell the concept of what you’ve developed to another company to use. That’s your best bet.

  3. cliffie says:

    there are always companies looking for ideas to expan,
    i dont know what you system is but my idea was to add a small generator run by the wheel turning feeding the power back to charge the battery…

  4. izzie says:

    Go to the library and check out a book on registering a patent, do not use lawyers or companies they will just milk you. Only after you get the patent can you make money.
    By the way there is no such thing as a perpetual energy machine. There is always a power loss when it is transmitted.

  5. point_less says:

    Many ideas supposedly have been bought and shelved. My father used to say that if I just thought of it someones else has already done it. I think You would have to contact some entrepreneur who hates big business that screws the little guys.

  6. thesmartalex says:

    you can contact any battery manufacturer for hybrid batteries, which you can search yahoo for. also GM,TOYOTA,FORD and all other major car companies have contact us sections about questions and comments they also have addresses where you can send mail. i would suggest toyota would be the most receptive to your concerns and suggestions, but i do think there are a variety of people you can contact even purely electric vehicle companies like TESLA it is their business to produce purely electric cars and i think they would be really interested in your ideas. i am also very interested in your idea and hope that it does come to market in the near future.

  7. Lui says:

    If you want the cash, you’ll have to do it yourself.

    Test it yourself, then file for a patent, then you can sell the patent to a company or give a company rights to make it and just pay you royalties for each one they make(you’ll get a lot more money this way).

    Do NOT go looking for a company first to share this with, you could be cheated out of everything.

    Get a patent, then shop for companies. Shopping it is easier if you’ve built a prototype.

    You may wish to return to school if possible, if you take a course like engineering or something that would allow you to build it for your thesis or whatever the main project is called, then businesses may find out about it as you publish findings or whatnot.

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