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I have some questions on Electric Vehicle Conversions?

(1) Can a conversion be done with an automatic transmission vehicle? If so, How?

(2) What do all the components do? How do they work?

(3) Can it be done with a pickup/SUV without compromising the integrity of the vehicle (i.e. power, cargo space and capacity)?

Asked by:One Man Army


  1. Alex B says:

    1) Yes but that complicates the setup too much so this must be avoided due the fact that auto trans. require oil pressure to operate and this is provided by pump attached to the combustion engine. Meaning you need to provied this electrically which will kill your conversion perfomance.

    The good this is that elec. motors have a nice torque rate which will let you ride in third gear from start to top speed.. so there’s is no real need for auto. trans.


    3) No , you need space , lot of space for batteries .

  2. barntech51 says:

    contact the folks who do conversions for a living. they know whats up in the world of EV’s. there is to much misinformation floating about in reguards to EV’s. contact the sites provided and ask questions

  3. qwiktruk says:

    OK…first off…the “Oil Pump” for the automatic ****** is NOT attached externally to the motor. The pump is internal and runs off the input shaft turned by the torque converter…and the torque converter is attached to a flexplate on the output shaft of the motor.

    But…its not really necessary to run a transmission for most city type EV’s anyway as previously stated.

    Most pickup’s have alot of unused space under the bed…a competent welder can fabricate a battery rack between the frame rails.

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