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Where can I get powerful electric motors from?

They don’t have to be new. I’m looking for several, similar, 400v, 3 phase motors. The bit I’m having difficulty with, is finding ones powerful enough. I’m looking for at least 30KW.

Where might I find such motors?

I’m using them to build electric vehicles, but what other uses are there for motors as powerful as this (that might be a source of second hand units)?
For people who prefer horsepower, 30KW is about 40hp.

Asked by:sean


  1. John H says:

    Theres a place in my town that buys and sells motors. Maybe they have one in your area.

  2. Brian says:

    Try swaptrain.com. It may have what you are looking for. It is a new free classified web site. Good luck.

  3. ROBERT says:

    I am an electrician but think of motors as rated in horsepower and KW is foreign to me when thinking of motor strength. 30KW of anything is a lot of power and if you have several of them then that is even more power that must be carried on board the electric vehicle in the form of flywheels and/or batteries. The motors you are looking for are available in thousands of electrical stores but as the HP goes up, the price goes up following a log curve.

  4. VShade says:

    Many motors of that size are used for air conditioning compressors and fans for the heating and cooling systems in medium sized and large buildings. Second hand motors are probably obtainable when new heating and cooling equipment is installed or when buildings are torn down. Such motors are also used for industrial machinery. Sellers of second hand motors of that size are probably known to heating and cooling contractors, Industrial motor repair shops and industrial equipment repair shops. It may be difficult for an individual person or someone starting out in a small business to get in contact with the right people, but second hand motors of all sizes are available.

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