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Anyone who can help me build my own / convert into Hybrid Electric Vehicle ?

Hi, I am an auto enthusast & I see promosing future in HEV. I am looking out for some technical assistence in building one. Or if anyone of you could suggest me a dealer/vendor/supplier (in asia) for parts like hybrid engine, batteries, chargers etc.

Asked by:Bhavin


  1. know da stuff says:

    I am in the process of taking the only Hybrid automotive class on the West coast. You will not find any suppliers in Asia that will sell you a small order it is not worth there time. Your best and least expensive (still alot of $$) is to buy the parts off of a wrecked Toyota Prius or Honda Civic Hybrid . Here are some links that you can glean some info from and possibly answer some questions you have. I, personally, want to build an all electric powered car, small truck, or van (not a hybrid). Good luck!

  2. apeweek says:

    An easy approach to a hybrid vehicle is to make a serial hybrid. A serial hybrid is an electric car with a gas generator that charges the batteries. This way, you only have to build one transmission – the electric motor connects to the wheels, the gas engine does not. This also gives you the ability to plug-in, and charge from grid electricity.
    The gas generator can be almost anything. Even if it doesn’t put out enough electricity to power the car by itself, it can function to extend the driving range of the car by replenishing energy to the batteries.
    Help on building electric cars can be found here:

  3. derickeng says:

    What’s your budget look like? If you’re in China, and you have an extra US$20000-$25000, you might look into Lithium Polymer batteries. They’re lighter, have a greater capacity, and last longer than other batteries. One of the only companies I’ve seen in China that has car-sized Li-Poly batteries is Thunder-Sky. .

    Realize that hybrids will always be more expensive, cost more, cost more and take longer to maintain, be more complicated, and generally be more of a pain than electric-only vehicles. The only time you’d need a hybrid is if you’d use it to travel long distances. There are electric cars available now that can get 200+ miles on a single charge and can go up to 135 miles an hour. Of course, that’s expensive stuff, but making a hybrid vehicle will be expensive anyway.

    Reevaluate your needs and see if hybrids are really what’s necessary for you.

    Either way, take a look at. There’s lots of good links and other stuff to read about there.

  4. lana_sands says:

    Well the basics are the same as a Diesel powered submarines, like the U-boats. They ran on Electric batteries submerged & diesels on the surface to drive the ship and run a generator to charge the battery. Hybrid cars do the same thing with 21st century tech. The cars are so new, there is no after market parts or crate motor to buy just yet. I’d contact Honda or Toyota to see if they sell a crate hybird package.

  5. Walter G says:

    This is beyond the scope of a hobbyist such as yourself unless you have lot of money. There’s a lot of hardware and software as much of this stuff is considered proprietary. There’s plenty of interest in hybrids already; but I commend your initiative. The better bet is to convert an older car with a standard transmission into an electric car, This is still expensive; but far more doable and your won’t even have to buy gas. No I haven’t done one either. I don’t have the money or a garage at this point.

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