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Where can can I find more info about electric vehicle drive systems and power conversion?

I would like a better understanding about how these systems work and are integrated into a vehicle

Asked by:colleen b


  1. Jenn says:

    google.com search

  2. Ask Mike says:


    Great question. I found a site for the “Electric Drive Transportation Association” that should answer all your questions.

    According to the site: “In an electric drive vehicle, the torque is supplied to the wheels by an electric motor that is powered either solely by a battery, or an internal combustion engine using hydrogen, gasoline or diesel, or, by a fuel cell.”

    The site goes on to explain that electric drive technology is used in everything from bikes to scooters to forklifts. Additionally, golf carts, passenger cars, buses and commercial trucks use it.

    The third link below answers more questions on the topic including how the technology works and where you can see it in action.


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