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How do you build an ELECTRIC CAR (VEHICLE)?

I had to enroll in this technology class, because all the other possible courses were full. Therefore, I am not very familiar with design or developing a prototype vehicle, or the other steps involved.

Does anyone know how to construct …

Any working OTEC Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion generators today?

Where can I find out about working shallow-water (under 1,000 feet deep) O.T.E.C. power plants that are actually producing power? Can this be developed to work with rivers, too, using Thermoelecricity as the generator? At what point will I be …

How do I do an electric vehicle conversion without using the transmission?

I would like to convert my 99 Toyota Tacoma 2wd to battery electric.

Every conversion kit that I’ve come across involves bolting an electric motor to the existing transmission. I would like to remove the transmission and mount the electric …

How can i find a sponsor? (Build Electric Car)?

We wanna build a EV (Electric Vehicle) and we need to have a sponsor company(Full).

Do you know any website or company to become our sponsor to build a car?

Asked by:David V

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