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how long is it before you decide to stop paying gas prices and buy a hybrid all electric vehicle?

or do you plan on building an electric vehicle?

Asked by:jc


  1. 10SC says:

    When I finish paying off my “non-hybrid” one….can’t afford 2 cars!

  2. Bobby T says:

    There is no 100% hybrid….it is either all gas, all electric, or a hybrid.
    Do they even make all electric cars?

  3. Nothingusefullearnedinschool says:

    The best idea is to walk, or take a bicycle. Hybrids do not get much better mileage than a good car, such as the Saturn S2 or a VW. And no where near as good a mileage rating as cars in the late 60s, before the Govenment enforced all those laws about pollution.

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