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What’s the process for registering an electric vehicle? is it different from gas?

i’m planning on doing an electric conversion on a sports car. now i heard that an engineer or someone has to an inspection to make sure its safe. is it true?

what exactly the process of registering an electric vehicle, is it any different from a gas vehicle?

btw, i live in Ontario, canada.

actually, the car i’m doing, i’m planning on keeping it highway drivable. i want to put as much money as possible into it. the reason why most electric cars aren’t highway drivable is because they only put in a one speed transmission. i’m gonna keep the original transmission.

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  1. FlyASAGuy2005 says:

    Yes, things are a bit different.

    As you know, some electrical vehicles, generally, has a lower max speed than most cars. In this case, it will be illegal to operate on certain roads and highways. So yes.

  2. Gambit says:

    Your only issue with registration that I can see is not having your vehicle labeled as a Low Speed Vehicle, because if it is then the vehicle would only be allowed on streets with a posted speed limit of 50 Km/H or less. If it is capable of higher speeds, and the vehicle is already registered in Ontario, then I imagine the only requirements is that the vehicle pass a safety inspection and then to go down to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office in order to inform them of the change of fuel source.
    You one REALLY big problem is trying to find someone to insure the vehicle. Private insurers are very reluctant to insure modified vehicles, therefore you may be forced to insure the vehicle with a non-standard insurer which means you’ll be paying more for insurance than the original version of the vehicle you are converting.

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