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Question regarding Ultra Capacitors and Electric Vehicles. UltraCaps in parallel with LiIon Batteries?

I’m building an electric go kart type car, and I need a decent amount of power. I’m using Thundersky 40Ah 3.7V batteries x 38 to get 120V system. Now, these batteries will not provide enough “off the mark” power in order to get fast accelleration. I’m considering using 48 x 650Farad 2.7V Ultra Capacitors in series, giving a total capacitance of around 14 – 15F, and a voltage of 121.6V, in order to provide the motor with enough “up and go” juice for this fast accelleration I want.
I’m thinking; place the capacitor bank in parallel with the batteries and thats it.
I feel like I’m missing something.
Please help.
The motor I’m running has a 16kW continuous power, and about 60kW peak.
The batteries will be equiped with a management system which, equalises the battery voltages, prevents overcharge, and prevents overdischarge.
Will this work?
If you didn’t notice, I have 48 x 650 Farad, 2.7 volt caps. Putting these in series reduces the capacitance to around 14-15 Farads, but adds the voltages to 121.6 Volts.

Asked by:Jr


  1. campbelp2002 says:

    Capacitors in series have LOWER capacitance. Put them in parallel to make the capacitance add.

  2. Wanna date says:

    Well that sure will give you a heck of a boost. Back not to long ago I tried something like this but capacitor technology has made some leaps and bounds on slowing down the release of “power” I had to ditch the idea because I was destroying my final drive area. Busted gears and axles. I decided to improve my acceleration curve in the end.

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