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is there a network for connecting bloggers to advertisers who want stories done on their business or product?

I have a network of five cleantech websites, one on solar, wind, biomass, electric vehicles, and green building. I write content all the time and have students who also submit stories. My traffic is ~400 per day and I’m open to doing paid stories on technology or products that fit within the scope of my topic areas. Is there a marketplace to share such opportunities? How can I attract paid press releases and advertisers?

Asked by:cadamie

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  1. Jakester says:

    Some bloggers make extra income from paid posts, endorsements, etc., here’s are a couple of companies, I have no first hand knowledge of:

    payperpost.com, payu2blog.com, blogsvertise.com

    I suppose there;s some money in green these days…

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