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I’m working on building an electric vehicle. how do you figure out the cc equivalency of a DC motor?

What kind of a DC motor would I need to put in to match the power of a 40cc engine? To match a 70cc? a 100cc? a 160cc? a 200cc? A 250cc? Guidelines to answer for myself or straight-up answers would be appreciated.
Note: Reason I’m using cc instead of horsepower is I’m doing a two-wheeled EV. And its easier to find cc’s for most of them than hp.

Asked by:Star F


  1. Gooch says:

    I think you would be better off using horse power to run your comparison.

  2. Richard says:

    Don’t use cc’s use HP, 1 hp is about 750 watts.


    But cc’s really don’t relate to power, also is it a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine, how is it tuned, what’s the compression ratio, all of which effect how much HP an engine puts out.

  3. Nata T says:

    use .025HP per cc, that will get you close. A 50 CC motor will get 12.5 HP top out.

  4. ivan k says:

    use a mars (brigs and stratten) e-tek, or a perm 132. These motors have good low rpm torque and would do a fine job of driving the motorcycle.

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