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I would build my own gas/electric vehicle, but licenses?

Minimum and maximums for road/state routes usage.Where to research the design/build electric powered 3 wheelers for use on the road as a commuter?

Asked by:Mr Gale W


  1. mrwizard9090 says:

    in USA a neighborhood electric vehicle (search NEV) can only go 25 MPH on treets posted for 35 or less. to be licensed/street legal it needs headlights, taillights, auto-glass windshield with wiper, turn signal, and 3 point safety belts. you will also need a VIN(vehicle identification number). An NEV does not need all the safety stuff like crumple zones and air bags because of the upper speed limit.

    any other vehicle would need some of that stuff. it would also have to be capable of meeting the minimum speeds on roads you want to use. like state hiways and interstates. i do not know what minimum speeds are for those. i have an NEV.

    NEV’s are good for a lot of driving. you would be surprised at how much of your driving is in town and on streets posted for 35 or less.

  2. Hannah's Grandpa says:

    The speed limit that applies to EV cars does not apply to motorcycles, and 3 wheelers are classified as motorcycles.
    also these speed limits only apply to commercially produced car, not kit cars or conversions.
    instead of building one from the ground up, I would suggest doing a conversion on an existing Gas powered 3 wheeler, it would be easier to meet the highway standards required for licensing.

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