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Help! Building an electric motorcycle but I don’t know anything about electricity?


I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering student and I’ve decided to build an electric motorcycle for fun and to get an idea of where the industry for electric vehicles is at. I haven’t started on my actual engineering courses yet (just a lot of calc and chem.), but I’d like to move forward on the project anyways.

I haven’t had a lot of time to look into exactly what goes into a electric vehicle like this (beyond the obvious: batteries, electric motor, frame), so at this point I’m trying to put together a diagram of what I need and how these components are connected to each other.

If you can put together a diagram in text that would be great! But any advice you might have would be appreciated immensely too.

Thanks all

Asked by:Fred Brown

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  1. Motohack says:

    Read everything you can about Neal Saiki and Zero Motorcycles. Neal is the guru. Your best bet is to work out an internship with Neal where you exchange ME services for his advice.

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