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electric vehicle?

i am going to sell my 95 mustang gt rag top for an ev, what is the better car or where can i get a listing of electric vehicle conversions for sale.

Asked by:websterbackhoe


  1. Leonard C says:

    Check out the “Tesla”

  2. Dana1981, Master of Science says:

    Check out the wiki article I wrote (linked below) on the subject. The rest of the website is also very helpful.

  3. rl8791 says:

    The Tesla is the current state of the art in electric vehicles if you can afford the $120,000 price tag. You will want to check out the website EV World () to find out more about various electronic vehicles.

    I think in the near future, plug-in hybrids offer a great solution to both fuel economy and driving range. Toyota is targeting 2010 for bringing models to market. The Chevy Volt is also planning for around that time frame.

  4. Roushfan5 says:

    I wouldn’t. Period. If you intestred in saving the earth go with a little Geo or something

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