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Posts from ‘May, 2014’

​EV Advocates Lose Their Shit Over Crushed BMW Electric Cars

Apparently. BMW didn't learn a lesson from GM: When destroying a fleet of electric cars , avoid parading their crushed carcasses on the back of a trailer for the world to see. It's just in bad taste, and former owners are reacting …

Manitoba government launches first electric vehicle charging station …

Got an electric car ? Now you have somewhere to charge it up aside from your driveway

Electric Cars For Speed Freaks: Which One Is Quickest?

Debate still rages on the best way to sell electric cars . Should automakers be boasting of their environmental credentials? Or should they talk in a language people understand–money–and highlight the economic benefits?

Four things about electric vehicles | Friends of the Earth

Electric cars don't need biofuels to run them. So they don't compete for land with food production and biodiversity. And obviously they are quieter and don't pump out air pollution into our streets.

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