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What material would be critical for electric cars?

I’m thinking that if the auto industry ever gets its act together and starts building electric vehicles, some materials will be in very short supply. Probably battery stuff. Anyone know what commodity will be critical and in short supply?

Asked by:Wulfie

Can any one suggest a site for electric car conversion help. I’m looking to do a conversion on my vehicle?

My brother said he would help me with an electric car conversion on my Ford Festiva. I just need some info to get started.

Asked by:Amber D

Battery and electric motor specs needed for an electric vehicle?

I am wanting to build an electric vehicle, but I’m not too familiar with the energy requirements necessary. I would need the vehicle to go about 100 miles on a charge since I commute in and out of the city everyday. If you guys could provide me with some sites about how much battery power you need to go an x amount of distance at an x amount of speed that would be great. I know I wouldn’t be buying lead-acid batteries. I’m curious about whether or not someone can just buy hybrid battery replacement packs themselves. Any good battery websites would be awesome, lithium-ion and etc. Thanks.

Asked by:Grand Master Flex

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