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Posts from ‘March, 2015’

Electric Cars: AFC Wimbly Womblys #170

In which John talks about what it’s like to drive an electric car, a topic requested by Project for Awesome donator M.

Students To Race Electric Cars

It’s off to the races for more than a dozen FAU High School students who will be taking part in the Miami E Prix March 14, the first ever race in the United States for solar electric race…

Testing Japan’s AWESOME electric cars! 日産リーフに試乗してみた!

本動画は日産自動車の広告ではありませんが、機会がありましたら喜んで宣伝させていただきます。^^ Jun and I found an article on Bloomberg about how the…

IRAN – Electric cars

In this segment of the show, Gisoo Misha Ahmadi visits some eco-friendly Iranian-made products including Iran’s first all electric car. Live @ http://www.presstv.ir/live.html Twitter …

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