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Hybrid Games: MPG Challenge (2 of 4)

One hybrid will beat the other coming and going!

Leading the Charge with Electric Vehicles in Ireland « A Smarter …

By David Lee Executive Partner, IBM Global Business Services, Ireland Internal combustion engines fueled by petroleum continue to power the vast majority of.

Electric Cars Are a Waste of Money

Despite generous subsidies from the federal government, the Congressional Budget Office concludes that incentives would need to be about 50 percent higher to make electric cars cost competitive…

2012 Nissan Leaf Lease Now $219 A Month, Incentives Increase

With ongoing consumer concerns about battery longevity in hot climates, not to mention an all-new 2013 Leaf electric car just around the corner, NIssan has dropped the price of leasing a 2012 model. According to The Washington Post, Nissan started … According to The Washington Post, Nissan started September with enough 2012 Leafs in its inventory to keep dealers supplied with cars for 114 days.

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