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Electric car Conversion?

Hypothetically, if I decided to convert my already gas-friendly Civic into a completely electric powered vehicle, what type of Powertrain/batteries/electric motor/charge mechanism, etc. would I need to make the conversion? And what would be a rough cost of the parts altogether? I could do all the labor myself. I’ve seen a guy do it in his Triumph Spitfire online, and it’s done by himself and is quite quick. Thanx
To: Homer Being, the electric conversion would mean taking the engine out of the car, as well as everything else that the engine also complies with, like the exhaust system, and somehow replacing it’s space with batteries, a motor, and other electric components. However, a Hydrogen fuel conversion is, believe it or not, much more complicated and expensive. A brand new Hydrogen fuel vehicle right now sells for 1 million dollars, and though I don’t know much about it, I’m sure converting a car to this type of fuel can not be much more generous on the wallet. Besides, I’m not interested in this project simply for “beating gas prices” (I would fill my tank every day if it meant fun driving :) I’m interested in this project for pure interest in making a unique gas-electric swap. Thanks anyway for the suggestion though.

Asked by:Blue Sky Dreaming


  1. Homer Being says:

    Convert a gas powered car to electric car? Arent they two totally different engine designs? , Sorry I cant help you out with your idea, just seems too diffcult to even tackle, and probably too costly.A better idea would be to use hydrogen gas as a fuel and replace the fuel system to work with gases rather than liquid, of course this is a very dangerous project so be prepared to put some time into it , as well as about 1000 bucks if you plan it out ahead of time.

  2. Riverman says:

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  3. mrwizard9090 says:

    ev motors
    ev controllers
    ev batteries

    lots of sites sell this stuff. they also have links to conversion parts.

  4. keyway51 says:

    if you are mechanically minded, you can do the conversion yourself. the fuel burning fume spittin’ buggy can be changed to electric. I have done my own conversion and its a blast to drive. however, there are some that won’t agree. they are the types that would rather support the greedy oil industry. check out the sites provided.

  5. Hannah's Grandpa says:

    As long as your Civic is running OK, I would look around for one that isn’t, you can pick up cars with a blown engine, very cheap.

    many of the conversions that I have seen run between 10 and 12k.

    but I can give you links to get you started

  6. vicinic says:

    It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy. Just buy one already made.

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