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I need to mount a car tire on a motorcycle wheel. How can this be done? What tire will work?

I am building an electric vehicle prototype that is a ground-up new design (www.avianmotors.com). This is a 3-wheel vehicle with 2 wheels in the front and one in back (front steer). We have a working prototype. We are working on …

Does anybody know of a cool electric vehicle conversion kit?

I don’t have any particular make or model of vehicle in mind. I would like to purchase and then convert a vehicle to electric drive.
Ken, sounds like you have too much time on your hands too. ;D

Asked by:Gilbert …

What would happen to gas powered vehicles if gas ran out?

Im wondering what would happen, would there be some kind of conversion kit for alternative fuel? Last thing i would want is to get a tiny electric vehicle, i would like something with raw power. What would happen to that …

I have an experimental car, where can I test drive without insurance in North Lancashire?

The vehicle in an electric conversion and I would like to test the distance covered by a set of batteries before continuing with the project.

Asked by:curious 1

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