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E V PARTS for a conversion vehicle i have just purchased. looking for help?

electric vehicle parts, i am looking for any ev parts i can find. i have purchased an escort with a 5spd and now i have little funds for parts.
anyone willing to assist me???? i would greatly appreciate the help. websterbackhoe@yahoo.com

Asked by:websterbackhoe


  1. freakboynv2008 says:

    do a web search for electric vehicle conversion kits and you will have a lot of choices on what to buy.

  2. onetruerick2008 says:

    See the Kelly controller at

    Check EVParts.com and look at their motors. But also see
    elprom-ems.com – they make some bigger motors and their prices are good. Also see and write to Josh there about your needs. Finally, I purchased a partial kit from Wilderness EV – got my main contactor, gauges, cable and cable lugs from them (but go ahead and get 36-40 of the T-120 cable lugs – they are cheap online but cost about 4 times as much if bought from local electrical supply or welding supply stores).

    Write if I can help.

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