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Battery and electric motor specs needed for an electric vehicle?

I am wanting to build an electric vehicle, but I’m not too familiar with the energy requirements necessary. I would need the vehicle to go about 100 miles on a charge since I commute in and out of the city everyday. If you guys could provide me with some sites about how much battery power you need to go an x amount of distance at an x amount of speed that would be great. I know I wouldn’t be buying lead-acid batteries. I’m curious about whether or not someone can just buy hybrid battery replacement packs themselves. Any good battery websites would be awesome, lithium-ion and etc. Thanks.

Asked by:Grand Master Flex


  1. ITGUY says:

    Get a sponser from everlast and they will hook you up. 10,000 double AA batteries

  2. Bob says:

    A much better place to find information:

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss lead-acid. It may be the best choice for a homebuilt:

    There are a bunch of people who offer to sell plans. One example:

  3. adio_J says:

    wildernessev.com. sorry, unless you go with a high tech battery, you wont be able to do it. Consider 26 mile range w/ back up small coleman or honda generator. Also very diff to maintain high mph. consider biodiesel or corn alternative.

  4. dhirpateria says:

    only heavy duty truck battery eill help u

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