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Can any one suggest a site for electric car conversion help. I’m looking to do a conversion on my vehicle?

My brother said he would help me with an electric car conversion on my Ford Festiva. I just need some info to get started.

Asked by:Amber D


  1. johnkelley1967 says:

    Try I’ve got their manual and in the manual it says they know a Ford Festiva is able to be converted, so the information inside the manual would be applicable for you.

    You could try The guy reviews some electric car conversion guides.

  2. barntech51 says:

    you will have fun doing the conversion. it is a rewarding experience and they are fun to drive. check out the sites provided and good luck.

  3. richard b says:

    check out as they have plans to do the conversion available for sale.

  4. Jamie C says:

    - Also have reviews of conversion manuals

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