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Wouldn’t be easier to get people to buy vehicles that run on natural gas than electric or hybird vehicles?

I believe the average difference between a regular vehicle and a hybird of the same type is between $10,000 & $15,000. Don’t you think they could build a vehicle that runs on natural gas for a lot less than that?…

Where can I find an electric vehicle for low cost?

Our family is interested in electric mobility. My brother wants an electric scooter. My mom wants an electric or hybrid golf cart or car like vehicle that would be street legal. Something she doesn’t need a license for since she’d …

Motors for cars – Electric?

what motors are available for electric conversions in vehicles

Power,Torque, Loads etc.

Asked by:Roger L

Is the power grid and generating capacity in the USA sufficient to handle broad conversion to electric cars?

As new cars of the future are rolled out showing commuters powering up their vehicles overnight at home from a power outlet, is there a need for electrical generating companies in the USA to add capacity or expand the power …

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