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Help! Building an electric motorcycle but I don’t know anything about electricity?


I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering student and I’ve decided to build an electric motorcycle for fun and to get an idea of where the industry for electric vehicles is at. I haven’t started on my actual engineering courses yet …

How to turn a motor into a generator and use it to charge a car battery?

I am planning to build an electric vehicle and I would like to have regenerative brakes to increase its travel range.

Some people say that a motor and a generator are basically the same thing.

But how come a car …

Why use 6 or 8 volt lead acid in an electric vehicle instead of 12v or deep cycle 12v?

2004 dodge dakota ev conversion

Asked by:Jon Bottoms

If I converted an old Honda into an electric car, how exactly do I register it legally with the DMV?

I live in California and I created my own electric conversion vehicle. How do I register it legally with the California DMV? I tried looking through their site but either they don’t have instructions for me, or it’s too confusing/evasive …

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