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Which car company builds the most/ best electric/ hybrid vehicles?

Want to know which one does, and if before this toyota incident if it might have been the main one.
I’m asking for what companies sell the most, not for a particular brand to buy.
Most and best, sorry.

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Question regarding Ultra Capacitors and Electric Vehicles. UltraCaps in parallel with LiIon Batteries?

I’m building an electric go kart type car, and I need a decent amount of power. I’m using Thundersky 40Ah 3.7V batteries x 38 to get 120V system. Now, these batteries will not provide enough “off the mark” power …

Looking for a ford ranger?

I am looking for a ford ranger for an electric conversion, the vehicle will preferrably have a blown engine (since it is coming out anyway) manual transmission, 2 wheel drive and no frills

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I am building a small electric go cart type vehicle. How do I calculate how much power I will need? ?

I’ve considered doing a force diagram, but I don’t think it will help. Friction is assumed zero (ideal) at the axles. I need the minimum horsepower allowable to move the vehicle at a known speed and weight. Any ideas?

Alright, …

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