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I have an experimental car, where can I test drive without insurance in North Lancashire?

The vehicle in an electric conversion and I would like to test the distance covered by a set of batteries before continuing with the project.

Asked by:curious 1

Electric Vehicle: Adding extra batteries wired in parallel onto a series wired battery pack?

Thought. A common 96v electric vehicle conversion for an old VW Bug will many time run 16 6v batteries wired in series. This is from what I’ve read thought to be the most cost effective way to get the needed 96 volts and get around 60 miles per charge. At least that’s about the best I’ve seen described for a system of that voltage.
Now if you double the amount of batteries to 32, but run them in 2-packs wired in parallel, then wire the 2-packs to each other in series should I then expect the same 96 volt output but have twice the storage capacity? I know because of the added weight I couldn’t expect twice the miles but I would think I would get something out of it with the extra storage. I’m looking to be able to get 75-80 miles per charge at least. Also will wiring the batteries like this cause any problems I haven’t thought of??
Thanks again.

Asked by:Bigg J

How much would it cost to build an electric vehicle with the materials I have provided?

Electric Vehicle – Batteries, wires, motors, wood, 2 – 4 metal rods that are approximately 0.3125 – 1/2in. in diameter, 2 (Maybe 4) wheels of any material.

This is an electric vehicle that is going to be built for the Science Olympiad event.

Asked by:Alan

when will we have solar powered vehicles on the streets ?

I know that solar roof tops are available for cars, but the range is minimally boosted. And then the solar cars for endurance races.. but they are not designs for the general public. I like to know when electric vehicles will be powered by at least 50% through solar energy and built in vehicle solar panels ?

Asked by:dan

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