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Can you add a generator to an electric vehicle to create regeneration?

We have been fooled into depenency on fossil fuels. Take the fuel motor out of a hybrid and replace it with an electric motor the vehicle becomes regenerative. Add a generator to an electric car or conversion kit. Add regenerative braking(already on some hybrids)and solar panels for optimum efficiency. Take the fuel motor off a home generation system and add an electric motor then you have regeneration without the use of fuels. Run power plants with electric drive sysytems. Yes it is that easy. Tesla knew this that is why some of his work is classified. This information is free to all.

Asked by:Aida

How old do you have to be inorder to learn how to weld?

I dont mean to boast but I have a awesome mind Ive been building simple electric motorised vehicles sinnce I was 5 but now im 16 and Im looking to more power MUhaha ha ha ha mechanical to be exact

Asked by:Guess What Im Thinking

Which is the best Electric Bicycle Kit?

Hi, I just wanted some help on which electric bicycle conversion kit works best. I’ve been looking around so I can turn my bike into an ‘alternative vehicle’ to get to work and save on gas and the environment.

is a motor hub or the motor that connects to the chain better to use?

thanks for your help

Asked by:solice_in_autumn

Is It Considered Tyranny That Congress Demands That The Big 3 Auto Makers Build Hybrids and Electric Vehicles?

Hybrids and Electric are not in high demand. People still want their big SUV’s and Congress is telling the Big 3, NO! Isn’t it our decision here in this free country to choose what we want to drive? Is it not TYRANNY to DICTATE through Legislation what the American People need to drive?
1: oppressive power Thomas Jefferson> ; especially : oppressive power exerted by government
1 : unreasonably burdensome or severe

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