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Is personal EV(Electric Vehicle) conversion legal in Canada?

I am just curious, what if I personally convert my own vehicle into an EV.

Is it OK to drive it around on the public road?

I think the first elimination point is registering my EV converted vehicle.

and then getting the vehicle inspected for safety reasons.

anyway, I want to know whether or not the government of Canada will allow a personally built EV when the vehicle meets every safety and ecological standards.

if not, is it just impossible for an indivisual to build his/her own car? even if it’s not an EV?

Asked by:cornelly


  1. Ayla 999 says:

    How is adding 500 kg of electric motors and batteries to your car going to improve fuel economy?

  2. Breath on the Wind says:

    Yes it is legal. Here is a list of FAQ:

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