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Electric vehicle conversions?

Any recommendations for reasonably priced conversions of cars/trucks to electric in So. CA area?

Asked by:Seeker


  1. Jacko says:

    before you commit to an electric powered vehicle you should do some research. When I looked into this I discovered that electric (hybrid or 100% electric) vehicles actually consume more fossil fuels in their lifetime than conventional vehicles. This is based on: all the energy consumed to produce the vehicle, drive it for x number of years, replace the batteries once and then dispose of the vehicle.

  2. keyway51 says:

    Jacko, where did you get that info? I suggest you actually do some research.
    As for conversions, yes definitely get as much info as you can on conversions. Start with AC Propulsion. Look also at Austin EV, EV World.
    Happy Motoring

  3. fred says:

    try the diy-ev yahoo group

    in the UK there is the Battery Vehicle Society, I’m sure you will have one nearby that you can join up with to bulk order batteries & parts etc.

    Is the Killacycle near you?

  4. it will be ok says:

    Make sure you are using solar or wind power to generate the electricity for your electric car otherwise you are still leaving a large carbon footprint.

  5. agua-luna.com -I Live Off-Grid- says:


    Not sure if you’re willing to do it your self, but I’d be willing to walk you step by step threw the conversion. I’ve converted 3 of my own cars (a datsun truck, ford ban, and a vw bug) and a few for neighbors. I’ve also converted cars to run on hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel, by far EV is the easiest.
    If you’re interested here’s what it would entitle…

    - The engine compartment is first cleaned out of any gasoline components.
    - Electric components are then installed in exchange.
    - A battery bank is built and incorporated.
    - Existing starter and driving systems are connected.
    - Turn the key, step on the gas pedal sending more energy to the electric motor, & thus more power to the drive system, which in return creates more speed, more acceleration.
    - The system has normal automotive top speeds and acceleration, typical to the vehicle your modifying. If your top speed was 85 mph and your acceleration was 1 mile per min, then this will be what your left with after the conversion.

    The methods are extremely simple, making the process possible for anyone, everyone, ANYWHERE.

    Typical tools, hardware & supplies are used, making access to parts available for all.

    Electric Conversions can be easily accomplished in ANY model vehicle, even tractors, Generators, types of machinery, etc.

    Project lengths range from 1 day to 1 month.

    If you’re interested I wrote a guide on it which is available at

    Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions,

    Dan Martin
    Retired Boeing Engineer now living 100% Off-the-Grid with my family, using Alternative Energy & loving every minute.
    for more info visit agua-luna com

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