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Does anyone want to drive a gas-free vehicle?

Check this out:http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac…

Is anyone interested in a kit that will convert any vehicle to technologies shown in links above?
I have improved above air-compressor designs with a radical new concept. It is being patented, so no one can copy this:

I use Siemens’ in wheel electric motors as primary drive
I use the DiPietro design seen in second clip ( rotary air motor) in an on-board electric generator. ( Similar to Honda 2KW briefcase model)
I use a Hemp-fiber (carbon-graphite) uni-body chassis on a aluminum tube frame.
My vehicle features “Flip-up” banks of micro-motorwind generators over windshield (which are like exterior visors). The pitch-drag coefficient is computer controlled, so maximum electricity generation can be achieved.
My vehicle also features a 88% solar surface.
In conclusion, my vehicle conversion kit will allow you to drive anywhere anytime, with NO gasoline costs ever! No toxic emissions ever! No sacrifice in current comforts!
Here is how it works:
I want to have a TV show instead of “Pimp My Ride”, “Green My Ride” . On this show, We strip vehicles of their gasoline engines, fuel tanks, transmissions, interiors, and all “non-green” components. I have asked TV’s Orange County Chopper crew and cast to help me build my prototype. I am waiting to hear back from them.
We then make modifications to include:
Electric in-wheel motors, batteries,solar surfaces,air-compressor tanks and generator/compressor, motor-wind generators, Spring-loaded motors,docking cords,regulators,on-board computers, etc…

Would Americans buy a vehicle or a conversion kit if price was below 10 K?

Would Govt. still keep my plans from being built?
Can they afford to lose tax revenue when everyone drives free?

Asked by:Dave Adam A


  1. [O]peration [I]raqi [L]iberation says:

    Have you ever seen “who killed the electric car?” One day we might be watching a documentary called “who killed Dave Adam A?”

  2. Boopsy says:

    I’d rather buy a CAR–NEW–that is below 10 K…but that will likely never happen.

    India has them, France has them, and I’m sure much of Europe have vehicles at fractions of the cost we pay in North America here.

    I don’t know that people will have money to buy anything frankly…so they will keep gearing these things to the rich and keep the prices up there.

    The rest will wait for their cast offs…what kind of fools buy vehicles new when you can get them a fraction of the cost a year or two down the road?

    Most people love their SUVS and monster vehicles and would never part with them. The rest dont want to be subjected to being mowed down by these earth conscious folks.

    But kudos to you for going in the right direction. I’m sure there will be a market, but the majority of folks wont be able to afford it. I’m sure they paid much less than that for the vehicle they are driving now.

    I think new communities should be built where people can WALK to where they shop, work and go to school.

    THAT should be the goal of government in the development of new communities, and I’ll be the first lined up to move there.

    Back to basics and good health.

  3. mommanuke says:

    The price is the problem for the majority of Americans, most of whom make $50,000 or less a year. I cannot afford a green vehicle, and I couldn’t afford 10K to convert my car. Not to mention that I could not make the modifications myself and would have to pay a mechanic an arm and a leg to do it for me. It’s a nice dream, though.

  4. Anon Lib torogiman says:

    drive a bicycle?

  5. Tahuti Reincarnate says:

    I would like to drive a gas free car, but it’s gotta be (in it’s lifetime) as cheap as one that uses gas.

  6. fictionfaction says:

    for your own safety, I recommend you sell this quietly on the side to as many customers as you can and do not advertise or you are just begging to be assassinated. I would love it if your idea works and catches on. Imagine someday the oil companies realizing that hardly anyone is buying gas anymore and they can’t figure out why because conversions have all been done secretly. ahahahahaha on the oil companies and the lost tax revenue!!

  7. beth l says:

    A vehicle, yes. A conversion kit, no. After I have already bought a car I am not going to put another 10 k into converting it.

    The gov. is too concerned with the big 3 to pay attn. to you, so hurry up!

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