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Does anybody know of a cool electric vehicle conversion kit?

I don’t have any particular make or model of vehicle in mind. I would like to purchase and then convert a vehicle to electric drive.
Ken, sounds like you have too much time on your hands too. ;D

Asked by:Gilbert C


  1. Ken S says:

    Sounds like you have too much time on your hands

  2. EdnaBam! says:

    You should start with a bike and work your way up.

    I know that some Top Contributors have them installed on their Land Riders.

  3. keyway51 says:

    be sure to do some research on the subject first. check out these sites. happy motoring.

  4. Sako Tiberious Grimes says:

    Check out this Subaru (fully electric) I drool over it

  5. adio_J says:

    wilderness-ev.com has lotsof kits for vw’s and metros. buit many cars have kits available. Iif you are going 60 mph you will need atleaset a 72 volt system.

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