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Posts from ‘September, 2012’

Green Weenie of the Week: The Electric Car | Power Line

At current vehicle and energy prices, the lifetime costs to consumers of an electric vehicle are generally higher than those of a conventional vehicle or traditional hybrid vehicle of similar size and performance, even with the tax …

Widening the Appeal of Electric and Hybrid Cars

After test driving two brand new all-electric models and talking to drivers of the previous generation of EV cars, Joe White on Lunch Break looks at whether these vehicles offer enough features and reliability to ever truly appeal to anything but a tiny niche market? Photo: Ford.

Tesla Unveils Six FREE Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Chargers in …

EV manufacturer Tesla unveils sixsolar-powered Superchargers in California that will provide Model S owners with a free half hour charge!

On Our Radar: Toyota Retrenches on Electric Cars – NYTimes.com

The automaker says it misread market demand and will scale back its plan for mass sales of all- electric vehicles . It will add more hybrid models, however.

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