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Posts from ‘March, 2012’

GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that …

General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year to electric – vehicle drivers.GM Regional.

Electric vehicles attacked with same criticisms as hybrids 10 years ago

Electric -drive vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt are getting hammered by a lot of critics for a lot of different reasons.

Electric cars, a historical flop… | SaabsUnited.com

Many tests have been done with electric cars and almost everyone come to the same conclusion, in the winter you'll have to choose, either heat or range, in the summer you'll have to choose, either cool or range… And the …

Sufiy.: Better Place: Hydrogen Versus Plug-In Electric Vehicles

This technical note examines the relative merits of using hydrogen to power our cars in either of these ways, compared with using electricity in battery electric vehicles , looking at the entire supply chain (“well-to-wheel”) for …

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