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Singapore electric cars testing starts with 9 electric vehicles …

Singapore is testing out several electric vehicle (EV) prototypes and technologies. The Electric Vehicle Taskforce led by EMA and LTA announced the launch of the electric vehicle test-bed on Sat [25 Jun 2011]. ..

Homemade Electric Car – Best Electric Car Conversion Method

bit.ly -click here to get more info Converting your car to run on electricity will easily pay for itself within a month or two. Just think about it for a minute — How much you spend on gas per week? When you convert your car to electric, you’ll never have to pay for gas again.

Adding noise to electric cars | PRI.ORG

How to find just the right sound for electric cars , which are currently so quiet they pose a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and the blind.

Moving Forward: Online Electric Vehicles from South Korea

SupremeMasterTV.com • AJAR1100; Aired on 18 Sep 2009 Korean researchers are developing a new generation eco-friendly, safe, and intelligent transportation system. The team seeks to power electric vehicles by having them draw energy from power strips embedded in the road. The online system features a huge potential for related innovations, one of which is “unattended driving”

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